Friday, July 27, 2012

I don’t know if anyone else has gone through this, yet I suppose more than I can imagine. I speak from a man’s perspective as it is the only one I know. I will turn 53 years old in the fall, and I am noticing some changes that require address. I am not the man I used to be today and I accept, even enjoy the “older” version of me. Finally.
I have been working, as a lot have, since  I was thirteen. That’s 40 years of working steadily. 40 years of bosses, supervisors, shift leaders, sergeants, officers, managers… (it’s also 40 years of not enjoying working; being talked down to, insulted, screamed at and ignored…as someone else’s employee. ) I fully concede that I have not been a model employee, rarely “good” but at a minimum reliable and consistent. At other occasions a total liability to the company…I get it, I’m not easy to work with.
The point is I’m done. It’s been coming on for a couple of years. I’ve lost a step, the energy level is slowed way down and it’s just hard to get excited about someone else’s drama…maybe I’m unemployable...Really, has it come to that? I hope not…I’m sure I will have to work, in some fashion, the rest of my life, but it’s up to me, at this point in my life to choose where that may be.
I am looking at the remaining years of my life and am grateful I have the ability to choose where and how I wish to spend my later years, as so many unfortunates do not. That is truly a blessing, relieving someone of the care giving I may require on down the road. I can care for myself, until I can’t, and if my toes are in the sand, with a breeze in my hair…I made it.

This is my journal, describing my departure from the work-a-day world . Fuck that. Fuck you Corporate America, I am through.

We have determined our destination to be St. Croix,USVI. We will purchase a sailboat in either Kemah, or Clearlake Texas and take the vessel from there along the coast northeast and down the coast of Florida then back up to the Bahamas and Island hop down to St Croix, US Virgin Islands where we will charter out the boat for sunset dinner cruises… My brother, a much more experienced sailor than I,( but I can hold my own,) will sail with us, protecting his baby brother, lol.
In the words of my brother, “Just because YOU think it’s fun, doesn’t mean it’s SAFE.”
He loves me.

This blog is a journal of getting from here, Dallas. TX,and  hustling food to two years later, hustling sundown dreams.Welcome aboard.

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